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ASHE - A Scripted Hex Editor
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$39.95 (US)
XLang10 - Scripting Engine
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$239.00 (US)

ASHE is a tool to help analyze the structure of any type of disk file. It allows locating and modifying any type of data in a file quickly and easily. Once the structure of a file has been identified, routine changes to the file can be scripted using the integrated scripting engine. Scripts can then be shared with any other ASHE user with a similar need.

Xlang10 is a nearly complete scripting engine encapsulated in an ActiveX control.

With XLang10 you inherit a handy, easily learned scripting language, with over 80 keywords and powerful functionality. There is room to add any number of constants, variables (including up to 5 dimension arrays), and up to 254 functions to make it your application's personal macro language.

XLang10 is only nearly complete, because you have not customized it for your specific application yet!

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