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ASHE is a tool to help analyze the structure of any type of disk file. It allows locating and modifying any type of data in a file quickly and easily. Once the structure of a file has been identified, routine changes to the file can be scripted using the integrated scripting engine. Scripts can then be shared with any other ASHE user with a similar need.


Easy to read user interface (screen shots)
Any size file (supported by Microsoft Windows™) can be edited without worrying about memory
File resizing, including insertion and deletion of bytes and file truncation, is fully supported
Hex, hex dump, decimal and binary displays are automatically provided for each open file
Edit values in any supported data format, (hex, decimal or binary) whatever you feel most    comfortable with
Powerful and fast string and binary search functionsMultiple files can be searched for a value.
Double-clicking on a match will open that file and position where the search value was found.
Up to 10 files can be opened simultaneously
Files can be created from scratch, sized and then filled through the user interface (or through    scripting)
Separate navigation buttons allow stepping through a file from a single byte at a time to any    value you wish
A scripting language, with a rich set of data manipulation functions, is built in
All user interface functions (file resize, insert, delete, save, etc) can also be scripted
Block copies from one open file to another can be scripted
Searches are fully scriptable, providing powerful and conditional search and replace functions
Scripts can be shared with any other ASHE user
A trace debugger with output and watch windows is provided for a complete integrated scripting    environment
Search results can be saved for later comparisons or scripting purposes
Scripts and script output can be printed


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