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ASHE Links

Check out the cool things people have done with ASHE.

Free copies of ASHE available!
Would you like to see a link to your site here?
All you need to do is to email us a valid, full time, URL that mentions ASHE, or better yet, has an ASHE script available for download. When your site is verified and approved, you will receive a key file for ASHE.

A nice example of a script to modify a file to render higher quality images. Look for the RENDER MOD SCRIPT.
      max188's European Air War Add-ons - home page
      max188's European Air War Add-ons - page with script

Here is a script that will modify the fuel burn rate values for player-flyable slots.
      Serb's EAW Flightline - home page
      Serb's EAW Flightline - page with script



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