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ASHE - A Scripted Hex Editor
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XLang10 - Scripting Engine
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ASHE current version is 2.0, ASHE is an advanced tool for analyzing and altering (disk) files of any type.

Some of the features that make ASHE stand out:

Easy to read user interface
Displays data in common binary data       formats.
       Intuitive navigation through a file.

Powerful string and binary search    functions
Results can be saved for file 'change'       comparisons.
       Allows you to quickly locate data you       are interested in.
       Saved results can be loaded for       navigation.

A scripting language is built in
       Scripts can be shared with other       ASHE users.
       Scripts allow quick manipulation of       files.
       Scripts can be set up for one-click       execution through shortcuts.
       A trace debugger allows you to create       error free scripts.

Any size file can be edited

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XLang10 current version is 1.2.9, XLang10 is designed as a 'snap-in' macro language for program developers.

Some of the features that make XLang10 stand out:

Scripting is completely encapsulated in an ActiveX control
  Has no external dependencies (except       normal Windows™ system files).
       Simply add xlang10.ocx to your       setup, and you are done.

Powerful builtin 'base' scripting language
  Conditional branching.
       Looping constructs.
       Dozens of 'boilerplate' functions built       in.

Easily extensible for your application
  Add your functions through an       intuitive method.
       Events will let you know when your       added functions are called.
       You set your function return values       for the script writer.
       You have complete access to the       symbol table during and after       execution.
       To the script writer, added functions       are indistinguishable from builtin.

Event driven scripting
  Your application controls ALL aspects       of script execution, line by line if you       wish.
       Easily create a trace debugger, with       output and watch windows.

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