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Grand River Software, LLC presents, as a courtesy, some reference material of general interest to programmers. Grand River Software, LLC does not make any claim of ownership of any of these materials. The original copyright owners retain all rights to this material.

These links and files may be helpful if you have an interest in recursive descent parsing or expression evaluation.

We cannot support these materials, or answer any detailed questions regarding their content. Please refer to the files/links owners for questions regarding these reference materials.


Recursive Mathematical Expression Evaluation
      Supports variable assignments and referencing, as well as functions
      'C' source for recursive descent expression evaluator

Algebraic Expression Evaluator Class
     Floating point numbers
      Most standard operators
      Plus or minus unary operators
      Parentheses to override default precedence rules
      Visual Basic' source for an evaluator class

Floating Point Expression Evaluator
      Numeric constants
      'C' source for recursive descent expression evaluator

Convert a C Program to HTML with Colors
      'C' source to create syntax highlighted HTML from 'C' source files

Tutorial Building Compiler to Parse and Translate Math Exp
      Set of text files from Crenshaw that demonstrate a recursive descent compiler that emits      68000 assembler
      It is written in Turbo Pascal 4.0 and gives some great insight into how recursive descent      works
      It supports more than one type and how to implement complex syntax via recursive descent


The Art of Assembly Language Programming
Text on machine architecture and assembly programming

C++ Boost
A great place for C++ template libraries

Introduction to C++
Do you want to learn C++? Are you curious about the history of C++? Do you know who Bjarne Stroustrup is?

Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage
Check out Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage.


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