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Xlang10 is a nearly complete scripting engine encapsulated in an ActiveX control.

With XLang10 you inherit a handy, easily learned scripting language, with over 80 keywords and powerful functionality. There is room to add any number of constants, variables (including up to 5 dimension arrays), and up to 254 functions to make it your application's personal macro language.

XLang10 is only nearly complete, because you have not customized it for your specific application yet!

Here are some of the features that make XLang10 the best choice for your

Complete control over script execution. Control can go as far as line-by-line if you so desire Rapid script execution
Syntax check of scripts before they start to execute. Once execution starts, it will not be    interrupted by syntax errors
Events that will allow you to roll XLang10 into your own complete IDE, complete with trace    debugging, access to the symbol table, and the ability to terminate the script at any point    during execution
The symbol table is available at the end of a script in order help perform a 'post-mortem'    on scripts that have errored out for any reason
Example programs for Borland C++ Builder, Delphi and Visual Basic that layout concisely    how to integrate XLang10
The control has some built-in editing functions. But, if you prefer, you can make the control    invisible and 'hook it up' to any editor control that you wish for extended script editing    capabilities
The user interface of your application is left completely up to you. You may implement as    graphical or plain, or even non-existent an interface as you feel meets the needs of your    application. XLang10 does not and will not pop up its own windows or force any user    interface on your application
A rich set of language constructs are done, IF-THEN-ELSE-ENDIF, SWITCH-CASE (for    strings and numbers), WHILE-WEND, FOR-NEXT, GOTO, GOSUB, all common trig functions,    string handling,    date/time functions, up to 5 dimension string or numeric arrays, complex    expression evaluation, expressions as function parameters, room to add 254 functions    that are all yours. Everything you need to implement a helper language for your application Saves hundreds of hours of developer time by bringing 'boilerplate' language functions right    in with it. All you are left to do is provide the functions that make the script language belong    to your application
The BASIC-like high level syntax will be readily adopted by your applications users
Complete help files are ready to be extended with your applications keywords. The help file    is provided as a VB Helpwriter project, RTF file, and as html pages. You just expand it to    include your functions and your end users (the script writers) will have a complete macro    language help system with examples
You can add up to 254 functions to the base script language, on top of the 'base' functions    you will have quite a rich macro language to perform your application's main functionality
Licensing is per developer, distribution with your completed project is royalty-free

Some typical applications include, but are not limited to, the following:

Applications that require automated scheduling or scripting that is site specific and should    be configurable by end users
Almost anything to do with communications, either serial or over a network to automate    logins, perform repetitive sequences of keystrokes, etcetera
Applications that are dependent on an external structure, such as a file format, that are not    under direct control of the application. For instance, data is to be extracted from print image    files or from file formats that vary from site to site. Xlang10 as a 'data massager' front    end would reduce hardcoding in your app to zero and allow for rapid adjustments if the    file format changed at a particular site. Simply send them a new script! Your application    would not even have to be checked out of source control

Download - Buy Now
$239.00 (US)


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